Since Sáez Cranes was founded in 1965, we have distinguished ourselves as being crane manufacturers who strive to respond meticulously to the needs of the client, and our touchstone in this endeavour has been an ongoing commitment to technological innovation.

This enduring principle has led us to become one of the world leaders in tower crane manufacturing.  Having sold more than 10,000 cranes to date, we have now earned the confidence and satisfaction of thousands of customers all over the world.

A company at the international forefront of crane manufacturing.

As a result of these decades of sheer hard work, we have passed many milestones: in 1994 we became the first Spanish company to design and manufacture hydraulic self-erecting cranes, and in 2004 we became the third largest manufacturer of Flat-Top cranes worldwide.

In 2014 we were one of the pioneers in the development of hydraulic luffing-jib cranes. Most recently, in 2020 we were proud to launch our first telescopic self-erecting crane, complete with a 47m jib. It is not only the first of its kind in Spain, but one of the first of its type in the world.

Find out what makes the Sáez Group a world reference in crane manufacturing

Sáez Cranes is synonymous with quality and reliability.

Today we offer our customers one of the most complete construction-crane catalogues in the international market, comprising of tower, self-erecting and luffing jib cranes. We also have a network of distributors in over 30 countries on all five continents.

Another of our distinctive features is being able to offer customers a wide-ranging service, including design, bespoke manufacturing, marketing, training on operational and technical back-up, and all fully adapted to the specific needs of the client. The common thread in this package is one of high quality, reliability and safety. 

These attributes, combined with Saez’s persistent investigation of technical innovation and operational excellence in the sector, all add up to Sáez Cranes being truly one of the world leaders in tower crane manufacturing.  Sáez is also one of the few companies in the field that has a commercial structure and an after-sales service sufficiently developed to offer technical support anywhere in the world.

The methodical manufacturing process of our cranes.

In the Sáez Group we apply management and internal-organisation strategies that are focused on achieving maximum quality in production. With this objective in mind, our engineering department draws-up key points and guidelines for the entire manufacturing process. The resulting activity is divided between the five sectors of which this department is composed:

  • Production department:

The team of engineers attached to this department is responsible for coordinating the different processes required for the manufacturing of a crane, and also for all its accessories. Their remit covers everything from the choice of materials through to the final assembled product.

Additionally, they are responsible for dealing with customers and distributors regarding aspects of production and the supply of spare parts or after-sales assistance.

  • Quality Control department:

This team continuously inspects the product. The process begins with checking that the primary materials received are correct. They proceed throughout the manufacturing process, checking that the welds are perfectly executed, and then, on product completion, they verify that the crane, or parts loaded, are in perfect condition and match the customer’s order precisely.

Find out what makes the SAEZ GROUP a world reference in crane manufacturing

  • Projects Department:

Its mission is to offer a tailor-made service to customers and distributors, carrying out detailed studies of the client’s project in-hand. This includes offering advice on assembling and installing the crane on site, covering such items as forces and reactions, calculations for special tower configurations, jacking, tie-collar placement and assembly phases.

  • Electrical Department:

Its remit covers everything related to the production of electrical systems and the electronic componentry of the crane, coordinating with the other departments involved in the design and manufacturing of the crane (mechanical parts, assembly, etc.).

The electrical engineers also work directly with clients, to provide after-sales service, and this is a prioritised task.

  • Spare parts department:

Our worldwide customers’ spare-part needs are met by this dynamic department. This in-house logistical team deals with quotations, processes orders, and organises part-packaging. They are specialists in finding the most efficient way to send all manner of items globally, and shipments are tracked and clients fully informed, until the order is in their possession.

The spare parts department also coordinates with the electrical and production engineers, being responsible also for processing customers’ warranty requests.

Due to the joint effort of all the professionals who form part of this organisational structure, we have created tower cranes that offer maximum performance, reliability and safety. They guarantee full compliance with European standard EN 14439 and with other specific regulations in different geographical areas, depending on the final destination of the crane.

It is a solid team, and as a result, our tower cranes are undoubtedly one of the best options on the market for all construction applications, as our global network of customers will testify.

Conoce lo que hace a Grupo Sáez un referente mundial en fabricación de grúas