Sáez Cranes participates for the first time in the JDL Expo fair in Beaune (Dijon). This annual fair brings together a broad range of professionals from various sectors, including material handling, specialised maintenance, complex transport and hoisting.

Sáez Cranes’ participation at the JDL Expo shows a clear commitment to the French market, considered an exceptionally mature and exacting market, with a significant presence of some of the most globally important tower-crane brands.

In order to be able to stand out from its competitors, the Murcia-based company has never stopped focusing on quality and innovation in processes and materials. Its R&D&I department is constantly working on the development of new products, with the aim of making it easier for its customers to increase their competitiveness.

Sáez Cranes has recently launched a direct customer service platform (Sáez Direct Services), to be able to attend to the most immediate needs of customers anywhere in the world.

Grúas Sáez presente por primera vez en la JDL Expo

The H32 hydraulic self-erecting tower crane is a major presence.

At this edition of the Expo, Sáez will introduce the latest version of its H32 self-erecting crane. Although this crane has been part of the Sáez Cranes range for some time, the new version features several design modifications and improvements: the model has a 32m jib (deployed with hydraulic pistons), with a maximum load capacity of 4 tonnes and a 1.0-ton maximum capacity at the jib-tip

The crane’s compact design offers great versatility, and is ideal for sites with limited working space, where the jib must be partially folded to avoid collisions.

This recent version of the H32 is equipped as standard with a restricted area system and remote control with display, and offers the possibility of adding a remote assistance 4.0 system. It’s able to work in both single-phase and three-phase mode, and can be equipped with an adapter for road transport, with axles compatible with various crane brands.

New range of tower-crane cabins from Sáez Cranes.

Sáez Cranes will also present the new Deluxe cabin at the JDL Expo 2022, which offers optimal visibility while working at height, and absolute comfort for the crane operator during their working day.

Grúas Sáez presente por primera vez en la JDL Expo

The technology used allows maximum control, and incorporates a remote diagnostic system. The operator has ease-of-access to complete crane settings, including the anemometer, load control, maximum trolley position and weight, hook height, selection of 2 falls or 4 falls, prohibited zone and the integrated audio system.

At Sáez Cranes we have always placed great importance on the comfort of the crane operator: The cab allows maximum visibility without blind spots. The upper windows are tinted, and high-quality sunblinds protect the front and upper part.

The seat is fully adjustable (tilt, backrest and armrest adjustment) and the cab has several shelves and storage spaces, a fridge and a microwave. The lighting in the new Deluxe cab is LED technology.