If you are a crane professional, or connected in any way to the world of cranes, you’ll have doubtless thumbed through many an edition of “International Cranes”. Sáez Cranes is very pleased that once again they are to be found among the pages of this prestigious magazine.

Grúas Sáez presente en International Cranes

International Cranes is a specialist crane and transport magazine, and is one of the many professional magazines published by the KHL Group.

Since its founding in 1989, this UK-based media group has become the largest and most widely distributed provider of international construction news, spread globally through its magazines, websites, specialist events, exhibitions, and books.

The Sáez Cranes’ feature comes out in the December 2020 edition. Having a great spread in International Cranes is a fine way to end a busy year, and 2021 will see us hitting the ground running, and innovative features will abound – watch this space!