Sáez carries out its first installation in Sweden, and does so with the impressive TLS 80 20T, one of our most promising new Flat-Top models. It is an auspicious start to our campaign in this fine Nordic country.

At the beginning of March 2021, we assembled the first TLS 80 20T Flat-Top crane in Sweden for our customer FB kran (Flens Byggmaskiner AB), destined for a construction site belonging to the Swedish construction company “Viktor Hanson”.

This Sáez Flat-Top model was mounted on a 6 x 6-metre base, at a height of 39 meters and with a 55 metre jib.

The construction site, Farsta, is located 10 km from Stockholm. Despite the adverse weather conditions (that week we endured highs of just 2 degrees and lows of -6), the assembly was carried out successful, although we had to deal with authentic Swedish snowstorms and at a height of 40 meters, quite an adventure!

The installation was carried out over four intense days, during which the FB Kran technical team, together with the visiting team of specialized Saez technicians, carried out a spectacular job with a perfectly organized assembly, planned by Saez’s in-house Logistics Department.

The logistical task was to coordinate the arrival of the trucks in perfect assembly order (first the base, the tower sections, the ballast, the tower-head, counter-jib and finally the main jib), for which no less than 18 trucks were needed to deliver the crane in its entirety.

After the successful installation, our TLS 80 20T now has no less than 12 months and 8 hour days of demanding work ahead of it, to complete the project which includes a 30-meter-high residential building with apartments, each with a large balcony with superb views of the sea.

Latest success story with the TLS 80 20T from Grúas Sáez.

The managers of FB Kran immediately conveyed their total satisfaction with the performance of our majestic and imposing TLS 80 20T. Our client’s congratulations go out to the technical, logistical and commercial work carried out by the entire Sáez Cranes team in this Nordic country.

Sweden is a new market for Sáez and we are excited by its enormous potential, as a large number of construction projects are expected in the coming years. This forecast is of utmost importance to Sáez Cranes, as our clients have already confirmed that for these up-and-coming projects, confirmed with construction companies such as Viktor Hanson, they will trust in Sáez Cranes to carry them out.

If you would like more information about the TLS 80 20T crane or any other model in our extensive range of Flat-Top, Luffing-Jib or Self-Erecting cranes, please do not hesitate to contact us and our team of professionals will be pleased to assist you.