The launch of our new Self-Erecting HT47 crane is a huge step forward and is effectively a presentation of the telescopic self-erecting crane of the future. It will lead the way in the high-end of this dynamic crane sector.

Over the last three years, Sáez Cranes has invested a huge amount of time, effort and investment in the development of a new product for the Self-Erecting sector. At the beginning of 2021, we saw the fruit of this unwavering commitment, introducing a new model of telescopic self-erecting crane, the HT47.

This extraordinary crane is now Saez Crane’s top of the range self-erecting crane, complete with a 47-metre boom and reaching a hook height of 40.5 metres.

The telescopic self-erecting crane that ushers in a new era.

The HT47 has been conceived and designed to include not only all the features of the equivalent competition, but a host of innovations, which arguably make it a unique machine on the market. At Sáez we have concentrated much of our recent efforts on the production of the HT47 to launch, once again, what we think will be the yardstick in the self-erecting market.

Self-Erecting HT47: The new self-erecting telescopic crane by Sáez Cranes

During the design process we aimed for a crane with a cable-folding jib, but at the insistence of some of our clients in strategic markets (such as the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada), where they required a jib with a folding capability, we decided to address this need by opting for a folding jib, finally offering the combination of the best of both worlds.

The new HT47 self-erecting crane features a telescopic tower, combined with a hydraulic boom, which allows exceptional manoeuvrability. It helps in avoiding collision with obstacles such as nearby trees or buildings, and also with the serious problem of trespassing on neighbours’ property when set in free slewing mode.

The HT47 lifts 1,320 kg at a radius of 47 metres, and 6,000 kg behind. In terms of height, it is able to reach a maximum of 40.5 metres without reducing load curves. To make the operators’ work easier, faster and safer, this new self-erecting telescopic crane is supplied with a 2 falls hook, avoiding the complexity of 4 falls technology.

This new model has two turning-radius options, and has the capacity to work in both single-phase and three-phase, which is a unique functional and competitive advantage for our clients.

In the development process of the HT47, we have taken into account that in some of the populous-areas where these cranes are going to work, the use of electric generators is not allowed (due to various regulations on noise pollution or environmental pollution).

For our engineers, making the crane work in single phase was always the goal from day one of the project.

A state-of-the-art self-erecting telescopic crane.

Throughout the design process we tried to avoid the use of overly-complicated technology.  However, the HT47 incorporates zoning as standard, and a remote control complete with display. There is a charger inside the electrical cabinet to make it easy for the operator to charge the crane’s batteries. The machine is also available in “version 4.0” for customers requiring remote access.

Our new crane incorporates the most reliable technology on the market, which is why the engineers at Sáez Cranes have opted for Yaskawa inverters (drives), in addition to a second option with KEB inverters. In the same vein, the HT47 has latest-generation motors, with an IP55 insulation protection rating, and a reduction ratio of 1:4, which makes the crane a truly high-performance piece of equipment.

The work done on the new hydraulic telescopic self-erecting crane from Sáez has also boosted the rest of the hydraulic self-erecting range:

  • Introduction of single-phase technology as standard throughout the range.
  • Incorporation of remote control with display as standard.
  • Built-in prohibited zone system.
  • Newly designed fibreglass electrical cabinet (CE/UL approved).
  • Increased crane hook heights by an average of 2 metres.
  • Increased peak and maximum capacities.
  • Installation of 2 fall technology throughout the range.
  • Option of working in ECO mode (reduces consumption by 30-40%).
  • Various slow positioning speeds.
  • Encoder-equipped hoisting, slewing and self-erecting motors.

At Sáez we wanted to launch the best self-erecting crane we have ever created, with the aim of setting the standards for high-end machines in this sector. The HT47 crane was built to be the crane of the future, and to lead the way for the rest of the Sáez self-erecting range.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our new telescopic self-erecting crane, and the specialised sales team at Sáez Cranes will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this or any other product in our very extensive range of Self-Erecting, Flat-Top and Luffing-Jib cranes.