Sáez Cranes introduces a new cabin design. Sáez client-feedback has helped designers in identifing the strengths and weaknesses found in a tower-crane cabin, and develop a cab that meets the clients’ needs.

The Deluxe cab has unbeatable visibility for working at height, with a wide field of vision across both the horizontal and vertical lines. The extensive and varied range of Sáez tower cranes requires a cabin able to offer great visibility no matter which model it’s installed on.

When the operator steps into the Sáez Cab, they find themselves in a fully glazed front area that considerably throws open the sight lines and field of vision, and the cab’s interior design offers multiple advantages all carefully considered to provide maximum comfort.

  • Maximum visibility so that the operator has no blind spots while operating the crane. 180º visibility both horizontally and vertically.
  • The cabin has tinted glass in the zones where the sun’s reflection is most likely to disturb the operator at their work. This glass is 5% tinted, and offers almost 99% ultraviolet ray block.
  • In addition to the tinted glass, the cabin has high quality protective sun-screen shades front and top, so that the operator can adjust the amount of light they want to let in from outside, as needed.
  • Both the front and side windows have latch-opening allowing the operator to control the natural ventilation inside the cab.
  • The glass panes are designed for easy assembly and disassembly; they are not sealed with silicone or embedded rubbers, and can therefore be easily changed out.
  • The visualisation and control system of the crane is intuitive and has an adjustable 7.5” screen.
  • Plenty shelves and storage for objects and drinks is available.
  • A comfortable operator environment designed for operator comfort, ergonomic seat and joystick, easy access to controls and connections.
  • The position of the controls is fully adjustable (tilt adjustment, seat back, adaptive armrests).
  • Multiple access registers for easy maintenance.
  • The cab has pleasant interior lighting with LED technology.
  • All the glass fitted in the cab is safety glass.
  • Built-in fire extinguisher.
  • High performance air conditioning (optional).
  • Power connections both 230v and USB ports.

Saez Crane’s new cabin is the ideal workspace to get the most out of the various tower-crane models that we manufacture. This includes both Flat-Top and Luffing-Jib models.

Sáez Crane’s passion is not only that its cranes achieve an engineered excellence, but also that the people who operate them find themselves in the best possible working environment, spacious and comfortable, with the technology and the controls at the operator’s fingertips, making the working day more pleasant.

It is precisely the people who actually operate our cranes that end up giving us the best reviews.

Through the crane screen and control system, the cabin offers a modern and precise tool so that the operator can control the crane from their seat.

The colour touch-screen provides all the information necessary to control the crane in real time.

The screen provides us with a diagnostic system and a complete parameterisation of the crane, and allows access to a multifold of information:

Cabinas para grúas torre de Grúas Sáez, diseñadas para el confort y la eficiencia

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  • Wind speed: By means of an external anemometer on the cabin, the wind speed can be measured in real time, essential for precise operation of the crane.
  • External temperature: The temperature outside the cabin is known at all times.
  • Load moment: Depending on the position of the trolley and the load on the hook, the “moment” of the crane is calculated as a percentage.
  • Trolley position and Permissible weight: Indicates the current position of the trolley and the load that can be handled in any specific position.
  • Hook height: Indicates the current position of the hook in respect to the ground.
  • Selection of slewing programmes: Depending on the crane model, there is the option of selecting up to 3 different slewing programmes.
  • Slewing angle: Indicates the angular position of the jib.
  • Selection of 2 or 4 falls: Shows the hoist-reeve configuration of the crane.
  • Maximum load percentage: Indicator of percentage-status of maximum load.
  • Load value: Indicates the exact value of the load in kg.
  • Zoning disable indicator: Indicates whether the zoning system is activated.
  • Zoning areas display: Allows entering a menu that indicates the crane’s “limited-movement” zone. There are 2 limitation systems: One works in an angular way, limiting the working angle of the crane.  The other works in a linear way, allowing to “draw” lines that delimit the working space.

The structure of the Deluxe cabin incorporates a Duplex System that provides extra protection against rust, ensuring greater durability for our customers. The Duplex System, involving “Hot Dip Galvanised” and “Painted Steel”, is intended to offer high performance in the protection of steel against corrosion, increasing the lifespan of the metal and reducing maintenance costs for the end user, especially in highly corrosive environments.

This system is considered to be one of the most efficient technologies, increasing the service life of carbon steel in highly corrosive environments, either by the presence of chlorides and moisture (such as marine environments) or by chemical agents.

Cabinas para grúas torre de Grúas Sáez, diseñadas para el confort y la eficiencia

The Deluxe cab comes standard with an integrated sound system, which includes a pair of ceiling speakers and an amplifier embedded in the cabinet. With a multitude of playback options (USB/MicroSD/MP3, FM radio with 30 presets, etc.) and two auxiliary inputs, it’s a great flexible device, allowing you to connect straight to your smartphone or any Bluetooth enabled device.

It packs 2x 6 ½" speakers you can enjoy a high quality, powerful stereo sound, free of distortion. And so that the operator does not have to move from their work station, it includes a remote control for handsfree control.

Tower crane cabins of Sáez Cranes, designed for comfort and efficiency

Our Deluxe cabin is the only one on the market that incorporates a double hull with thermal, triple insulation, to improve energy efficiency and provide warmth with respect to the outside.

It is acoustically insulated to reduce external noise-pollution, and is also fireproof, with a M-1 non-flammable rating.

The seating position in the Deluxe Cab is fully adjustable, and thus helps with job-fatigue, optimising the best posture for operating the crane. This adjustment not only affects the ergonomic seating position, but each armrest can be individually adjusted in angle and length for correct operation of the controls.

A footrest with tilt adjustment is also included to enhance comfort. Last but not least, the seat has an integrated heating system with the possibility of incorporating a double heating system for very cold climates.

Complete range of cabins for tower cranes.

Apart from the Deluxe cabin, Sáez Cranes offers a Premium cabin for the heaviest cranes, which incorporates the advantages of the Deluxe cabin but with the added advantage of having all electrical cabinets installed in the rear of the cabin.

In this way, technicians can work on the crane’s electrical panels, without having to worry about the outside weather conditions.

From inside the cab, the cabinet room can be accessed via the connecting door, without having to leave the cab for maintenance work.

As a result, communication in the Premium cab between the technician and the crane operator during set up or troubleshooting, is considerably improved.

In the Premium cab, another new feature is the extra-large 15” touch-screen with state-of-the-art design and very intuitive operation. This screen has an advanced diagnosis system including more than 1300 error messages.

Find out more about the range of tower crane cabins of Sáez Cranes in its Deluxe and Premium models and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Cabinas para grúas torre de Grúas Sáez, diseñadas para el confort y la eficiencia

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