A Sáez SLH 80 5T hydraulic luffing-jib crane has recently arrived in Melbourne´s city business district.

Even though Melbourne is home to five of the six tallest buildings in Australia, it’s also known for its compact city centre, full of narrow alleyways. However, this is not a challenge for this hydraulic luffer, specially designed to sit on small 1.2×1.2 metre tower sections, perfect for special inner-city renovation projects.

The Sáez Cranes SLH 80, as well as being suited to work on tight jobs or small inner cores and lift shafts, also has the advantage of a very small out-of-service radius -10 metres.

The SLH 80 is an excellent choice for machine rental companies in countries such as the UK and Australia, where these cranes are in high demand.

A specially designed gantry raises the crane to allow city traffic to pass underneath it.

A very tight job, for a specialised machine (as seen from the boom).

1.2 x 1.2 tower sections of the SLH 80 from Sáez Cranes, perfect for alleyways and lift shafts.

SLH 80 5T from Sáez Cranes with Deluxe cabin and 7.5″ screen.

The cranes are assembled and tested in the Sáez Cranes test yard before travelling the 24,000 km to Australia.

The SLH 80 will make a significant difference to the city’s inhabitants, as it is a fully electric luffer, which makes it silent and energy efficient. It is powered by a 24 kW inverter mechanism moving at 85 metres per minute, and plugs into city power –no need for noisy generators.

This crane is also equipped with remote diagnosis, allowing for remote monitoring, remote software update, and data extraction.

We are delighted to count on Michael Clark, owner of powerhouse crane rental company Clark Cranes, as a new client in Melbourne. Clark Cranes needed a crane that solved air-space issues –and the SLH 80 ticked all the boxes.

If you would like more information about the SLH 80 crane or any other model in our extensive range of Flat-TopLuffing-Jib or Self-Erecting cranes, please do not hesitate to contact us and our team of professionals will be pleased to assist you.