Focused on the need for growth and sustainable development, in the face of structural needs in Paraguay, CECOM has harnessed the power of the SAEZ TLS 80 32T tower crane, for the construction of an imposing cement plant.

The Paraguayan company CECON (“Cementos Concepción”) is part of the Cartes Group, and is an established yardstick in the industry, regarding sales of construction materials.  Through a AGB-CNM joint venture, it’s now building its new cement plant, covering more than a hectare of land, located near San Lázaro, some 15 km from the Brazilian border.

Montaje de una TLS 80 32T de Grúas Sáez para nueva planta cementera en Paraguay

The sheer scale of this project requires the proximity of a major port with modern, powerful cranes, its own electrical substation and even its own airstrip.

Following its start-up in 2020 in the production of agricultural-lime and concrete, CECON continues to make progress in the construction and operation of its cement plant, and it’s scheduled to start production in March 2022.

Faced with the pressing structural need of this South American country to promote sustainable growth and development, this Paraguayan company has responded by investing in cutting-edge technology, achieves international standards in energy efficiency, adheres to environmental practices, and can count on a first-class technical team complete with a comprehensive social-development plan.

The Sáez TLS 80 32t flat top crane is very much at home in an installation of this size.  Its sweeping 80m jib is capable of lifting a load of 3,200 kg at the tip and a maximum load of 32,000 kg behind. It freestands a mighty 102m high.