The needs of our customers in the self-erecting sector continue to grow, and at Sáez Cranes we are meeting this demand with the launch of the Sáez H26, a new self-erecting crane designed to be quick and easy to erect and operate.

We intend to start a fabulous 2021 by announcing some exciting news: the first one of them, the market launch of the new self-erecting crane H26, with the one we begin a new worldwide journey.

Sáez Cranes launches the new H26 self-erecting crane

The new Saez H26 represents quite an evolution from the previous H24 MTF model.  It offers, among many innovative features, an extra 2 metres of jib, a tip load increased by 100 Kg, and the max-capacity goes up by 200 Kg too.  With a host of other improvements and upgrades, the new H26 secures its position as Saez new little “workhorse” for years to come.

This new self-erecting crane offers the option to work in both single-phase and three-phase mode, and is equipped as standard with the newly designed FIBER-CAB electrical cabinet. It also incorporates all the technology that we see in its big sister, the recently updated H32 self-erecting crane.

We have aimed to homogenise the whole hydraulic crane range, so that it functions with the same working system, in order to make assembly and maintenance tasks as easy and quick as possible for our clients, whatever the environment. This new system also offers the possibility of adding a remote control with display, a zoning system, or even a 4.0 control system to remotely monitor crane´s activity.

The remote control is integrated in the electrical cabinet as standard, for added protection from the elements, and the battery charger is wired directly to the crane’s cabinet, giving the crane operator an easy and safe charging point, and also a secure place to keep the remote.

The launch of the H26 also sees the presentation of this model’s new easy-to-adjust telescopic base-legs, designed to make assembly safer, quicker and easier.

This is the first new H26 self-erecting crane supplied by Sáez, and it has been manufactured for our U.S. distributor Creative Lifting Services, and sports its new corporate colours.

Creative Lifting Services is based in Colorado state, and has specifically studied and selected this green “tree leaf” colour so that the cranes, seen from a distance in a mountainous environment, do not break the charm of the landscape. The goal is for them to blend into their surroundings as much as possible. In fact, it is hoped, at a glance, the new colour scheme will make this machine appear almost as if it were just another tree on the horizon!

Grúas Sáez lanza al mercado la nueva grúa automontante H26

The H26, due to cleverly reduced dimensions, can be transported on a single truck. It’s equipped with inverters on all three mechanisms (achieving minimum consumption) and works in single-phase, avoiding the use of current generators, which are quite noisy and polluting. All these factors make it a crane designed with “environmental respect” in mind, ideal for the new market trends, representing responsible, modern manufacturing.

The H26 self-erecting crane, together with the recent launch of the HT47 telescopic self-erecting crane by Sáez, show our commitment to innovation, demonstrating once again our company’s leadership in the self-erecting crane sector.

If you would like more information about the H26 or any other model from our extensive range of Flat-Top, Luffing-Jib or Self-Erecting cranes, please do not hesitate to contact us and our team of professionals will be at your disposal.