Sáez Cranes is committed to continuous technological improvement, and the Sáez engineering team is driving forward a range of some of the most impressive innovations in efficiency, safety and adaptability that can be found on the market today.

We use leading-edge technology, sourced not only from Spain, but also from Germany, Austria, France and Italy, producing Flat-Top, Luffing-Jib and Self-Erecting cranes that offer maximum performance.

In addition, in order to guarantee product-excellence, we have four different departments (Design and Innovation, Production, Electrical and Projects) that each play a vital part in the entire manufacturing process, right through until the crane reaches the distributor or the end customer.

This team effort means our cranes incorporate the latest technological systems across the board. An example of this would be the incorporation of the latest tech in cabin monitors, allowing the crane operator to perfectly control the position of the trolley, the height and angle of the hook, know precisely the weight of the hoist-load, and receive stats and warnings about load limits in any given position.

Sáez Cranes remains at the cutting-edge in tower crane innovation

Pioneers in vital security systems.

Our commitment to the use of advanced technological resources allows us to be one of the few manufacturers to introduce “redundant safety systems” into our cranes.

These systems halt the machine when one of the two control sensors sends back data at odds with the other. This duo-security system guarantees maximum safety in the event of a problem.

Sáez Cranes is also one of today’s pioneering companies in load-braking solutions, designed to counteract any excessive jib- swing.

Our in-house design team developed an anti-collision system that ensures permanent, effective communication between cranes, keeping the work site accident-free.

Technology that enables full adaptation to the needs of the client.

Our cranes incorporate the necessary technology to give them a superb level of adaptability to the specific requirements of our clients’ projects.  Whether due to a complex work site, or the need for bespoke engineering solutions, or simply local legislative constraints, Saez can respond!

In the case of specific local-normatives, the cranes can adapt their operational parameters to suit the regulations. Increasingly there are countries that require a significant load-capacity reduction (derating) or complex zoning features to immobilise the crane if passing over sensitive sites such as schools or critical infrastructures such as train tracks.

We are totally focused on quality.

Along with technological innovation and safety, the other area on which we focus our efforts is quality control. We guarantee full traceability of materials, so that if any incident arises with any componentry, we can locate the specific origin and its entry-point in production.

Grúas Sáez está a la vanguardia de la innovación

To guarantee maximum quality, we have a department dedicated to inspecting every stage of production, to ensure that it meets all the requirements. Every aspect, from welding to the exact paint micron count, galvanising and zinc plating, must meet their exacting standards.

External assessments and Quality Control audits.

We use external engineering services that accredit and certify that our products meet all quality control requirements. This includes extremely rigorous, demanding testing as Saez supplies globally, including countries where the cranes have to operate in extreme-cold, which requires the parts to pass special tests and the welds must undergo electromagnetic particle analysis to guarantee the absence of fractures.

In addition to our own quality controls and those of external engineering companies, we also scrupulously comply with ISO 9001 standards and are certified by DEKRA and TÜV audits.

For all these reasons, companies that purchase the cranes we manufacture can rest assured that they are getting the best there is on the market in terms of technological innovationquality and safety.