This major project, which sees Sáez tower cranes as main protagonists, includes the relocation of urban spaces, the construction of new tracks, the remodelling of the train station, all located in this largely agricultural Swiss municipality.

The Chrysalide project in Châtel-St-Denis, carried out by the Grisoni Group, is gaining height.

As part of the redevelopment of the station district, Grisoni Group’s construction teams are joining forces to bring the TPF Velâdzo project to life.

Recently presented to the nation’s press, the concept of the “urban village” with a focus on connectivity and ease of mobility, will revitalise the capital’s economic attractiveness, while facilitating access to major conurbations such as Fribourg, Lausanne, Vevey and Bulle.

After major earthmoving and ground-stabilisation, the site has entered a new phase: the construction of a variety of new buildings near the station, using two Sáez flat-top TLS 65B 10T tower cranes. This model’s impressive load chart and all-round versatility lends itself to this type of job, fully optimising the performance of the worksite.

The TLS65B 10T has been consistently meeting the demands of the Swiss market to the max, responding to the exacting requirements of project managers and constructors, displaying the robustness and reliability that has made the model a trusted asset for all types of construction applications.

The site will ultimately consist of four zones, comprising commercial space, offices and flats, and includes 343 underground car-park spaces. The aim is to create a place to live that rapidly becomes an authentic, vibrant neighbourhood, nestled in a new urban centre, yet close to the lake and the mountains.