In Malta, Y&P Cranes has taken delivery of four Sáez TLS 65B 10T Flat-Top tower cranes along with three Sáez TL 55 6T. This booming Mediterranean island is growing vertically, an ideal scenario for the Sáez tower cranes, thanks to their ease of climbing, freestanding at heights of more than 100 metres and their state-of-the-art motors.

Sáez Cranes supplied their new-range of flat top cranes that come as standard with IP55-rated motors and IP65-rated stainless steel electrical cabinets. During production, special attention was taken to manufacture cranes specifically with the island’s humid, salty environment in mind.

Tower and jib sections for the TLS 55 6T were entirely galvanized, and extra protection was added to other TC componentry and exposed parts, offering maximum protection while in operation.

The Sáez TLS 65B 10T has proved itself a reliable asset in rental-fleets around the world. Its inclusion into this 7x TC package was a given, and the 10,000kg unit brings a good amount of muscle onto a site.

Sáez Cranes supplies 7 new tower cranes to Malta’s ‘Y&P Cranes’

The Sáez TLS 65B 10T, together with the TLS 65 8T have already proven their worth, installed by Y&P Cranes for the construction of “Mercury Tower”, designed by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid.  Currently under construction, Mercury Tower’s 33 floors will be the highest building in Malta, complete with a truly spectacular rooftop bar.

Malta builds at ever increasing heights, and a fast 6,000kg machine also has an important role on a job. Sáez took the recently modernised TL 55 5T model, and engineered a 6T version.

The TLS 55-6T full-inverter crane offers a 3,000kg lift in 2 falls with the 55m jib, and 1,320kg at the tip. The 100m/min line speeds in this configuration reduce empty hook time to a minimum.

The newest family of Saez flat-top cranes is also equipped with remote diagnosis systems, data logger, as well as zoning systems. Y&P Crane’s sales manager, David Gauci, said “these new Sáez models are a great addition to the Y&P fleet, as they incorporate the highly-advanced new technology that we need for the future of the business”.

He added “Malta has a limited amount of space, but sees huge business activity, and this increasingly demands the construction of tall buildings, and taller cranes. In this respect, Saez comes into its own, as they are easy to “climb”, and they can be erected over 100 metres freestanding. The latest motors also give us very high line speeds, which is a great plus too”.

Sáez Cranes’ relationship with Y&P Cranes stretches over many years. Founded back in March 2000 by Raymond Gauci, Y&P grew rapidly, and Ray is now joined at the helm by his four sons. Together, they have shifted their family business into turbo-charged top gear and Y&P now operates out of impressively large facilities situated in the north of Malta.

The original fleet of six cranes has morphed into a 150+ TC operation, backed up by a fleet of 35T-350T mobile cranes and trucks.  Y&P’s facilities house large maintenance sheds and a meticulously organised spare-part depot, and the result is a properly maintained fleet and a technical team with resources on-hand, able to respond swiftly to any job-site issue.

Grúas Sáez suministra siete nuevas grúas torre a Y&P Cranes en Malta

Y&P Cranes’ Director Raymond Gauci comments “we have received impeccable service from Saez Cranes. We are always backed-up by their team of engineers and technicians, ready to assist with our every request. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Saez with the purchase of more cranes in the near future!”.

Sáez Cranes warmly salutes Y&P Cranes, personifying as they do, the incredible strengths found in a smart, well-run family business.