The HT47 telescopic self-erecting tower crane from Sáez Cranes is now fully operational on a construction site in Colorado, western United States.

The first of the Sáez HT47 telescopic cranes is already installed in the United States, in ‘Boulder’ (Colorado), where it is carrying out its first project in the States.

Given the impressive, solid performance and efficiency of this self-erecting crane, the manufacturer’s US distributor, Creative Lifting, has already placed a new order for three additional HT47 units, which will be destined for construction sites in the states of Utah and Colorado respectively.

The HT47 self-erector presents a significant innovation for Sáez customers in the United States, as thanks to the Sáez Direct Service (SDS) system, they have the possibility to remotely connect to the cranes and receive relevant information. This monitoring, combined with learning algorithms, helps to detect behavioural patterns and predict potential issues in real time.

In addition, Sáez’s SDS system collects information on operating times, motor start-ups, use of brakes and work cycles, wind speed in which they operate, among other parameters. This data makes it possible to improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of the crane, optimising its maintenance and identifying possible incidents.

The HT47 also features a “zoning” system, a “Super-Lift” mode and a remote control unit with digital display, all as standard. Moreover, with II-Falls reeving, this crane is capable of lifting the maximum load of 6 tonnes, meaning the operator does not need to change back and forth from II-Falls to IV-Falls, which would waste time and efficiency in the execution of the job.

It should also be noted that this HT47 telescopic self-erecting crane is prepared to work with 4 different jib lengths (32, 38, 44 and 47 metres) with the jib horizontal at 2 degrees or angled up at 30 degrees, all of which makes this model one of the most versatile on the market today.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the HT47 or any of our other models of Flat-Top, Luffing-Jib or Self Erecting cranes of Sáez Cranes.