With this service, included in the “SDS” (Sáez Direct Services) platform, customers will be able to know the behaviour pattern of their crane in real time, allowing them to predict operating errors in advance. In addition, they will also have access to a personalised technical service and an extensive catalogue of customised spare parts and accessories.

Sáez Cranes continues to demonstrate that its customers are at the centre of all its activity. Precisely with them in mind, we have designed a direct service platform to meet the most immediate needs that our customers have on a daily basis.

A manufacturer who can deal effectively with arising incidents, staying abreast of the technological evolution in the sector, has become a fundamental requisite for the companies and clients to whom we provide services. This is why “Sáez Direct Services” (SDS) is the result of a long history, listening to our clients and applying all these requirements to our work methodology.

The Saez Group management team have prioritised and steadily implemented industrial automation in our internal processes, synchronised across all departments.  We have created a package of services exclusively for customers who have placed their trust in the Sáez brand, and it is now a globally spread panoply.

We are committed to innovation and cutting-edge technology.

There’s a lot of buzz about Industry 4.0 and how it is capable of revolutionising the construction machinery sector by combining the most advanced techniques with the use of intelligent technologies. Our R & D & I department is constantly working on new products (and the improvement of existing ones) with the aim of making our customers increasingly competitive.

This is how Sáez Cranes has joined the great technological challenge to include innovative services such as data capture and analysis, within its Sáez Direct Services platform.  How do we do it? By combining different sensors (temperature, humidity, vibration, distance and ultrasound, among others) to monitor the current operation of the machine and predict errors in real time.

Grúas Sáez avanza en la integración de la Industria 4.0

We anticipate the problems and needs of our clients. In this way, and by studying different parameters, we obtain very precise measurements that will help to improve the productivity, costs and safety of the companies that work with us.

We design tailor-made solutions.

Sáez Direct Services is designed so that customers have peace of mind, a feeling of being thoroughly looked after, no matter the strategic location of their crane. If thousands of companies have trusted us for more than half a century, it is because they know that with Sáez Cranes, they form a team, which will achieve the results they are looking for. Our professionals design, repair, monitor and adapt our lifting machinery to meet the customer’s requirements.

With Sáez Direct Services, we not only offer remote monitoring of your crane, but also a wide range of original and compatible spare parts, solving any issue or breakdown quickly and efficiently.

In addition, our Technical Service will be in constant communication with our customers in order to advise them on the correct maintenance of the machinery, and to guide them in any repair or inspection process. For us, it is a priority to guarantee the maximum safety and satisfaction of those who choose the Sáez brand.

Grúas Sáez avanza en la integración de la Industria 4.0

Our premise, constant improvement.

Our expert knowledge of the demands of the sector means that we are constantly evolving. Direct contact with the customer’s technicians allows us to join forces and analyse what their most immediate needs are, and even identify and advise how they should plan their next steps.

At Sáez Cranes we have an implemented improvement system where innovation, market demands and the professionalism of our team of experts come into play.

We work to continuously improve and to raise our services to the highest levels of quality. We study any proposal and submit it to exhaustive analysis, so that the final result is always what we are looking for and what is demanded of us.

With Sáez Direct Services we promote a better use of assets, manpower and equipment. But, above all, we strengthen the relationship with our clients and we honour the trust they have placed in us for more than 50 years.