Through a decade of effort and dedication, several of Sáez Cranes’ flat-tops models are now firmly established in the construction industry in Israel. In particular, our TL 55, TLS 65 and TLS 70 models are the most rented, sold and demanded cranes in the area.

Over the last 10 years, our Israeli distributor “Grupin 2000” has introduced more than 150 cranes into the country, and in this article we’ll focus on the recent procurement of seven new cranes, destined to have a key-role in an Israeli urban-expansion initiative.

The models selected for this urban-development are the flattops TLS 65 8T and TL 55 5T, which are extensively used and very popular among professionals in the sector in Israel. In tandem with the bigger TLS 65 10T and TLS 70 12T models, these four cranes represent the most rented, sold and requested tower cranes in the area.

Grupin 2000, our distributor in the south-eastern Mediterranean, has a superb knowledge of the Sáez Cranes’ range of flat-tops. Their assembly team and tower-crane technicians have developed their expertise over more than a decade. Sáez also offers a continuous training programme both online and on-site, in our facilities in south-east Spain.

Consolidación de las grúas torre TLS 65 y TL 55 de Grúas Sáez en Israel

Grupin’s tremendous success as a tower crane distributor is the result of its professionalism and in particular its meticulous attention to on-going staff training, especially where safety-issues are concerned. When combined with their unrivalled technical knowledge of the Sáez tower crane, the service offered to their clients is par excellence!

Our alliance and cooperation have allowed us to build a relationship between distributor and manufacturer of maximum trust and optimum efficiency.

The TLS 65 8T and TL 55 5T models have proved themselves robust and extremely reliable, and they stand tall in the Israeli market. After all their years of service, we continue to be very proud of them, and they have been very instrumental in steadily increasing the strength of the Sáez brand in this complex and competitive market.

Another interesting development is that our distributor is working hard to obtain licences for our SL 320-18T and SLH 205-10T luffing jib cranes.  A Sáez luffing crane, with its unique characteristics, will undoubtedly be the first of its kind in Israel and will energise a hitherto untapped sector of the tower-crane market in this area.

In keeping with Grupin 2000’s proven ability to continuously be aware of the needs and demands of their clients, companies and professionals in the field, it is currently in the process of presenting the latest version of the Sáez TLS 60 – 6T, which we are all sure will bring more and greater success.

If you would like more information about these or other Sáez Crane models, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to answer all your queries.

Consolidación de las grúas torre TLS 65 y TL 55 de Grúas Sáez en Israel