The tremendous level of sales of various Sáez tower-crane models in Israel, together with the installation of other bespoke models designed around our distributor’s specific needs and requirements, have positioned Sáez as leaders in this area of the Mediterranean. Sustained growth in sales has now been maintained over six years.

This commercial drive in the Middle East has been led by our distributor, Grupin 2000. It is the fruit of their excellent technical service, in-depth product knowledge, and commitment to the continuous training of the Grupin 2000 team.  Their exceptional sales department, informed by more than 20 years of experience in the sector, seals the deal.

In addition to the strategic collaboration with a distributor of the size and status of Grupin 2000, we can draw on the strength of the complete consolidation of our tower crane catalogue. The Israeli market is being offered products of recognised quality and safety, based on the real needs of the customer.

This has allowed Sáez Cranes to enjoy huge growth in the country, now sustained over considerable time, and makes Sáez Cranes the undisputed leader and number one in new tower-crane sales, in this thriving area of the Mediterranean.

Grúas Sáez incrementa sus ventas en Israel por sexto año consecutivo

The safety specifications and innovative features found throughout our flat-top range (specifically the TLS 70 12T, TLS 65 10T, TLS 65 8T and TL 50) cover the whole spectrum of needs, for this rigorous market.

Israel represents a dynamic sector of the tower crane market, committed to remaining at the forefront of modern, innovative technologies.  It is with this in mind, that as a challenge for 2022, one of Saez Crane’s main objectives is to introduce the luffing-jib SL 320 18T crane, one of our most versatile, rigorously tested models, and an internationally respected example of its type.

Similarly, our SLH 205 10T model, a hydraulic luffing tower crane, will undoubtedly be a major addition, of maximum relevance to this market.

Introducing the SLH 205 10T, we expect to position ourselves firmly in cities such as Tel Aviv, where the slewing radius of a tower crane, located downtown, must be reduced as much as possible, due to minimal construction space. The SLH 205 provides a perfect solution, offering a slew radius of less than 10 metres, which is an outstanding “out of service” achievement.

Sáez Cranes is also planning the presentation of the Flat-Top TLS 60 14 crane, a 6-tonne crane in accordance with the specific requests of our distributorGrupin 2000. As with the SLH 205, it will surely add to the Grupin 2000 success story, and to this group’s ample, highly specialised area of influence.

The fact that we maintain close daily contact with our distributor, indebted to their seriousness, professionalism and experience, also means that we are permanently attentive to any detail, idea or proposal that may arise on their part. The resulting initiative to incorporate these tower cranes into the large Israeli fleet in 2022 is timely and ultimately very motivating for all concerned.

In December ‘21, as travel restrictions finally eased, Sáez’s commercial department, accompanied by Sáez CEO, travelled to Israel to spend time with this strategic distributor, analysing markets, negotiating, in order to face the new year with confidence, focus and determination in the face of these new projects. More, it was a celebration of a very close, fruitful and valued relationship of more than ten years in the making.

In the words of Grupin’s owner and general manager, Pini Naaman: “for 12 years we have striven to bring the good name of Sáez Cranes to every one of the construction companies in Israel, and all along, very much with the sense of being part of a great family!“.